THE UPLANDS MARKET is a once monthly local produce street market, which usually takes place on the last Saturday of the month. The market is situated in Gwydr Square, Uplands Swansea.

THE TURNING GATE (TTG) develops web photo gallery templates, a.k.a. “web engines”, for Adobe Lightroom’s Web module. TTG web engines offer à la carte, do-it-yourself website creation options for photographers.

MUMBLES DEVELOPMENT TRUST Mumbles Development Trust (MDT) is a community organisation started in 1999 as a community initiative to promote active citizenship and self help community projects as a not for profit limited liability company with educational charitable aims.

GOWER LIVE has been providing live surfing conditions on the Gower Peninsula since 2002

BEAUTIFUL GOWER This website contains the very best photos of Gower by the top photographers in the area.